From Designer to Django’er in Six Weeks

Presented by Tracy Osborn

  1. Start out on the right foot:
    • If you can, spend 100% of your time on your project.
    • Have a large savings account, low debt.
    • Make sure you’re having fun.
    • Success can be just launching the app.
    • Be focused and optimistic before you start.
Cofounders are awesome, but no cofounder is better than the wrong cofounder.
  1. Launch as fast as possible:
    • What can you take out?
    • Launch tiny bits to keep motivated.
    • Work on the hard stuff first.
    • Spent as little time as possible on learning, as much on building.
    • Launch with bad code (really, it’s okay).
  2. Have a plan for monetization

  3. Don’t be forever alone:
    • Talk to friends.
    • Don’t be prideful; accept help.
    • NDAs suck.
    • Surround yourself with good people & resources.
5: Take shortcuts:
  • Django is plug & play
  • South, django-registration, django-profiles, sorl-thumbnail, django-debug-toolbar, djangopackages
  • dotCloud
  • virtualenv, pip
5.5 Design shortcuts:
  • themeforest
  • 99designs (quick logos only)
  • “The Non-designer’s Design Book”
  • Create a coming-soon page.


  1. Django/Python rough edges?
    • Review logic first (when learning).
    • Had lots of people to ask questions to. Removed most (all?) speed bumps.
  2. Why choose Django and stay with it?
    • Chose Python, really, not just Django.
    • Django provides for lazy developing :)
  3. How did you find customers?
    • Cold emailing for the vendors.
    • Blogs and promotion help a lot.
  4. How to rein in a designer that likes to design hard-to-build items?
    • Make him build it!
    • Pluggables never exactly match.
  5. How far did your roadmap go?
    • Not far at all.

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