Lightning Talks

1. Redis and Protocol Buffers

Presented by Joshua Ginsberg

Protocol buffers from Google.

  • Non-human-readable :(
  • 1.25M records takes up about 250MB of memory.
  • Protocol versioning is built-in

2. Managing Servers

Presented by Nate Aune

How to make deployment a non-event?

3. The CMS that doesn’t do anything


Template designers can customize how model instances are embedded per template

Template designers are in charge of how content is interpreted

4. Making small, positive changes

Presented by Steve Holden

  • We can make a positive difference in many ways.

  • Doing so is good for us and good for our community.

  • Tell people what to do.

    • They need some encouragement.


Alex Gaynor is the Django community’s standard equivalent of a kitten.

5. Backbone.js with Django and Tastypie

Two things needed to make it work:

  • change backbone sync method
  • override url and parse from the sources