Teaching Django to Comrades

Who is your audience?

  • New to web programming
  • New to Python

Where do you start?

  1. The tutorial.
  2. Something else that they can build, from green pastures, with code reviews.
  3. THEN get them working on your code.

What are some of the pain points?

  • Reverse relations

  • Migrations

  • Forms
    • What do I use?
    • Custom widgets?
    • Custom data?
  • Where do random bits of code go?

  • Existing methods or write my own?

  • URLs


If it’s hard, and you’re new, you’re probably doing it wrong.


Don’t fight the system until you’re assured victory.

Deployment: don’t start here.

Consultants, tutorials, and convention videos are great starting resources.

Get Help

  • IRC
  • django-users mailing list
  • StackOverflow
  • User groups

Give Help

  • All of those places.
  • Fork projects.
  • Report, verify, and fix bugs in 3rd party apps.